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Our Mission

The Promise of a Better Pie!

    Gourmet Slices

    We feature a revolving array of ready to order unique and creative handcrafted pizza by the slice. All Day, Everyday! Limited to daily availability, once we're sold out for the day, we're OUT - SO FUHGEDDABOUDIT!

    Handcrafted Dough

    We Mix It. We Roll It. We Stretch It. We Bake It. All on-site. NOW EAT IT. You're Welcome!

    Authentic NY Flavors

    Bringing the taste of the Northeast to the Southeast. These recipes have been consumed by New Yorkers for over 15 years. This is not your Lame Chain Pizza!

    Premium Ingredients

    Not all pizzas are created equal. Our pizzas are not commercialized, cookie cutter or substandard, which has sadly become the norm. "Life's too short for a bad slice!"

Our Story

Family Owned Stand Alone (our only Location) Pizzeria. We opened our doors here in Marietta, GA on May 5th, 2015. Chef/Owner Gerry McCrudden aka "G" hails from Bergen County, NJ. He holds a degree in Culinary Arts and has held various positions at restaurants in Manhattan, Bergen County and the Jersey Shore.

Before moving to the Atlanta area, he was a partner of a very successful pizzeria in Rockland County, NY for 15 years. Gerry's products have gained notoriety and loyalty from a wide spread community. His pizza has even been shipped as far as California and is a regular carry-on item on planes for those who want to bring back a taste of New York.

Finally after 20 years of harassing, Gerry followed the footprints of his best friend and moved to the Atlanta area. After sampling and comparing the local pizza it became clear that he had to fill the void with authentic NY flavors, handcrafted dough and premium ingredients. He is excited to bring his knowledge of food, beer and useless trivia to Atlanta. Since opening he now ships his pizza from Georgia to New York! - kinda funny how that works out! Come see what we're all about! "Remember life's too short for a bad slice!"
People may try to copy our style, but will never duplicate it!
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